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Évolution des dinosaures aux humains

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Papillon dans la volière du Fossilarium

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Families will maximize their scientific learning of their visits with children who are at least 5 years old. We have activities such as colouring and play dough moulding of fossils for the very young.


Museum activities


Main exhibition: "See Life in the Stone Bed"


  • See over a thousand fossils, some of which you can touch
  • Have fun moulding fossils using play dough for the younger ones (pre-school/first cycle)
  • Watch videos showing how an animal fossilize and what they look like
  • Learn about the unique geology of our area that allows us to have fossils (secondary)
  • Play games of association and experimentation
  • Follow the little paleontologist path and see hidden fossils print using a spotlight (pre-school and primary 1st and 2nd cycle)
  • Look at fossils through a microscope linked to a TV screen
  • Shop at our gift shop for a souvenir, we have fossils, minerals and games (starting from 25¢)


 Optional (additional cost applies, inquire for more details)


  • Children's play-doh fossil moulding for take away souvenir ($0.50)
  • Children's little fossil safari at the local beach where each child collects and takes away a fossil ($1.00)
  • Fossil souvenir identified with a label ($1.00)
  • Jewellery crafting with fossils ($6.00 to $9.00)


Tour our "Insects, an evolutionary success" exhibition


  • Learn to distinguish the main orders of insects
  • Observe our butterflies and moths collection from the meadows, forest, etc.
  • Live insects will fly and move before you
  • Try youth teeth on insects appetizers (optional)
  • Look at them through a magnifying glass
  • Spend some time doing puzzles, and colouring (pre-school)


Fossil safaris of 1 hour, 2 hours, or a whole day


Schedule and admissions


The museum is open everyday starting from June 24 to Labour Day (first Monday of September), from 10h00 to 17h00. Off season, we accept visitors upon reservation. 



Access to our galleries taxes incluDED *
Child (5 - 12) $4.25                  
Adult (12+) $7.25                  
Senior (65+) $6.00                  


Group of 15+ (each) $6.00                  
School Group (each) $5.00                  


MINI SAFARI (1 Hour)*** taxes incluDED*
1 - 19 people (each) $12.75               
20 + people (each) $11.50               
Family ** $40.70               


DISCOVERY SAFARI (2 HOURS)*** taxes incluDED *
1 - 19 people (each) $23.75              
20 + people (each) $17.50              
Family **



1 - 15 people (each)


Family **



* Not-for-profit organizations and incorporated groups can claim back the taxes
** (a family ticket is good for the father, the mother and their children, it does not include the extended family)

*** Minimum 2 persons

**** Minimum 3 persons

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Telephone: 1-819-723-2500


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