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About cash donations


The Fossilarium welcomes financial support from individuals and organizations to help us achieve our mission. The fund will be use to purchase, exhibit, and preserve fossils, rocks, minerals, and insects properties, and to aid us in developing and furthering research analysis and educational programs, which form the base of our activities. There is a donation box located at the Fossilarium welcome desk. Financial support is deeply appreciated, and we strive to make appropriate use of all donations.

Thank you for all your donations.

It is our customary politic at the Fossilarium to offer visibility to our major sponsors. You can view them in our pamphlet, web sites and on-site. You will notice some of them at the bottom of our websites. 


About properties and collection donation


The museum also welcomes donations of properties of interest to us such as fossils, rocks, mineral, insects, and naturalised fish collections. We'd like to know more about your properties like what it is, where it was found, by whom, when, and how it was acquired.


Rules regarding receipts of a donation


The Fossilarium will issue receipts for tax purposes for any donation worth more than $20.  We can only issue an official receipt for tax purposes on properties donation as long as the gifted items have been appraised by at least two third party expert appraisers.


About exhibiting your items for sales at the gift shops


We also welcome items which may be sold by us at our gift shops, which one of them and at which price will be left to decide by the museum manager, with profits to be given to the museum. We reserve the right of refusing items, we have limited space and have specific needs.

For item exhibited for sale at the museum's gift shop, no receipt for tax purpose can be made unless they are donated.


Membership card

You can become a member of the Fossilarium for only $20 per year, which allows you to visit the museum for the current year free of charge. Ability to pay your membership card by paypal

or contact us :


5, rue Principale Sud, Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Québec, J0Z 3B0


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