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La fossilisation une histoire d'eau

 Andrée Nault presenting the permanent exhibition

Un homme en excursion safari-fossiles cherchant un beau fossile de corail

A man during a fossils safari on the lookout for a beautiful 

Intercom à l'entrée du musée

Intercom for on site help at the entrance

Boutique du musée et information touristique

Museum gift shop and tourism information kiosk

Visitors can elect to have a private tour guide of the exhibitions during their visits at no cost. Visitors will make an excursion to fossils bearing bed stone sites with a tour guide. A car is required and a seat must be available for the accompanying tour guide. The Fossilarium also offers:

Scientific activities for school and day camps groups
Fossils identification services

Souvenirs at the boutique from minerals, fossils, games, jewellery, and others


We have wireless internet service available on site.


  • Payments                                             

Cash and debit are accepted


  • Restrooms                                            Toilettes

Restrooms are located on 1st floor and in the basement


  • Tools for the visitors                            Intrepetation en langue de signes.png

Videos in sign language ; Electronic devices available with a pre-recorded tour guide using sign language

Rain coats for safaris when it rains

Shoes ; we have a limited selection of used shoes for those who did not bring closed end flat shoes
                required for safaris.


  • Request to visitors
  • Animals, and cigarettes are not allowed within premises for the preservation of artifacts, with exception to guide dogs.
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in the museum rooms.


  • Access                                                      Accès pour chaise roulante  
  • Free parking on-site
  • Intercom at the entrance  available for ease of access, a ramp allows the access to the basement


  • After enjoying the museum                    
  • Picnic tables and children games at the next-door park 
  • Ice cream shop, french fries hut, and restaurant and grocery store in the vicinity
  • Motel, bed and breakfast, and cottage nearby
  • Panoramic lookout of the lake with a boardwalk
  • Hiking trails
  • Tourism information office
  • Gas station and variety stores


If you'd like to know more, consult our Visits and excursions - Package and available tours section


























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