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Fossil safaris are an exclusivity of the Fossilarium

Practice pick-your-own fossils harvest that you can bring home with you. The Fossilarium of Notre-Dame-du-Nord is the only paleontology museum in Quebec to allow an harvest of fossils on real fossil sites.

The deposits chosen are rich in specimen of various species, that is why you're sure to discover en bring a nice one back with you.

The harvest of fossils is selective and limited to protect this non renewable resource. The guide will tell you which type and how many fossils are allow during the excavation. Each kept fossil will be identified and bagged for you to bring back. If a rare specimen is discovered and kept by the museum, your name and address will be kept on record and be displayed with it.


Excursions: we offer 3 types


Mini safari on an easy access site

Allow 1 hour for a visit of the museum
Allow 1 hour for the excursion

No reservation required, from June 24 to Labour Day
On reservation only off season

Discovery safari

Allow 1 hour for a visit of the museum
Allow 2 hours for an excursion on 2 fossil sites

Specimen to observe and to harvest
Hours depends on availability, reservation recommended

Paleontologist for a day

Allow 1 hour for a visit of the museum
Allow 1 day for the excursion

A minimum of 3 participant is required for this activity
Exploration of many fossil sites with an expert guide

Reservation is required for this activity



Note: The price for a safari includes access to our galleries with a free optional guided tour

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