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Fossil safaris

Safaris une heure

Fossil collecting

Safaris mini

Neat presentation of a fossil

Safaris 2 heures dans le récifs

A man rubs a fossil in an escarpment

La présentation de la directrice en excursion safari-fossile
Director's presentation during a fossil safari












Explore a sea floor 460 to 420 millions years old on authentic fossils deposits.


Guided excursion


A competent guide will initiate you to the discovery of fossils on real excavation sites.

An expert guide will accompany you, explain the origin of the deposit, indicate where to conduct the excavation and how to do it without damaging the site. The guide will identify your findings and will pack them in a bag with an identification label for you to bring them back as souvenir of your unique safari.


Right to a selective harvest


A selective and limited harvest is allowed and promoted by the Fossilarium to save local specimens from destruction. Top soil fossils digging, and fossils from sites like quarries with ongoing exploitation where they would be crushed and other sites where erosion would be accelerated such as road curbs where calcium and salt are spread during the winter season are sites of first choice by the Fossilarium.


Research participation


If you make a discovery of importance to the museum, the guide will ask you to cede it in order to identify and add it to the collection of the Fossilarium. Your name, address will be kept on record and will be part of the official description of the fossil. This description will be posted on the collection database of Québec and Canada, and you will have contributed to the enrichment of our limited knowledge of primitive sea life of the area and elsewhere in North America.



1 hour

  • Guided tour of one fossil site with limited harvest
  • Available from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, everyday
  • with reservation 
  • Minimum 2 persons


2,5 hours

  • Discover two fossil site, one of which contains corals
  • Larger limited harvest allowed, more fossils to see
  • From 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, everyday
  • Limited availability,  with reservation 
  •  Minimum 2 persons

Open season


Open season:      June 24 to Labour Day (first Monday of September)

Off season:          May 1 - June 23; Labour Day (first Monday of September) to 15 October.


Before coming to the museum


  • To go on site, a vehicle is required and it is not provided. We request for a spare seat in your vehicle for the guide that will accompany you
  • A good pair of flat and closed shoes or boots as you will be searching on top of rocks stacks
  • For Discovery Safari bring a long sleeves shirt and pants for you will walk and search outside in rocks, shrubs, and trees
  • Bring an adequate amount of water, and food for everyone, especially for the paleontologist for a day, beware that rocks may make the weather hotter on hot days
  • Hats, sunscreen, umbrellas depending on the weather
  • Once on-site, follow the guidelines given by your guide for your safety which is dear to us






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