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Receptaculites / sunflower skeleton sponges


Réceptaculite éponge tournesol

Algae with a skeleton shaped like a sunflower

Receptaculites occidentalis
New Liskeard (Ontario) - Collection Historical society of Témiscamingue

Algae with Sunflower Skeleton




First Period of Appearance


About 480 million years ago during the Ordovician period.




The association of the receptaculites to a specific family remain controversial. At the beginning and for a long time, it was classified with sponges. A parallel with an algae, Dasycladaceae, who also builds protruding skeleton is popular. However, in which group to class it will depend on the scientist or the university.

Its shape similar to the arrangement of disk florets on a sunflower is easily recognizable.


In Témiscamingue


Fossils in Témiscamingue are renown for their circumference which can easily reach 24 to 30 cm (10" to 12").




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