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Évolution des dinosaures aux humains

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Families will maximize their scientific learning of their visits with children who are at least 5 years old. We have activities such as colouring and play dough moulding of fossils for the very young.


Museum activities


Main exhibition: "See Life in the Stone Bed"


  • See over a thousand fossils, some of which you can touch
  • Have fun moulding fossils using play dough for the younger ones (pre-school/first cycle)
  • Watch videos showing how an animal fossilize and what they look like
  • Learn about the unique geology of our area that allows us to have fossils (secondary)
  • Play games of association and experimentation
  • Follow the little paleontologist path and see hidden fossils print using a spotlight (pre-school and primary 1st and 2nd cycle)
  • Look at fossils through a microscope linked to a TV screen
  • Shop at our gift shop for a souvenir, we have fossils, minerals and games (starting from 25¢)


 Optional (additional cost applies, inquire for more details)


  • Children's play-doh fossil moulding for take away souvenir ($0.50)
  • Children's little fossil safari at the local beach where each child collects and takes away a fossil ($1.00)
  • Fossil souvenir identified with a label ($1.00)
  • Jewellery crafting with fossils ($6.00 to $9.00)


Tour our "Insects, an evolutionary success" exhibition


  • Learn to distinguish the main orders of insects
  • Observe our butterflies and moths collection from the meadows, forest, etc.
  • Live insects will fly and move before you
  • Try youth teeth on insects appetizers (optional)
  • Look at them through a magnifying glass
  • Spend some time doing puzzles, and colouring (pre-school)


Fossil safaris of 1 hour or 2.5 hours


Schedule and admissions


The museum is open everyday starting from June 24 to mi-September, from 10h00 to 17h00. Off season, we accept visitors upon reservation. 


To book, give us a call 819 723-2500 or send us an e-mail


Access to our galleries taxes incluDED 
Child (5 - 12) $4.25                  
Adult (12+) $7.25                  
Senior (65+) $6.00                  


Group of 15+ (each) $6.00                  
School Group (each) $5.00                  


MINI SAFARI (1 Hour) * taxes incluDED
1 - 19 people (each) $16               
20 + people (each)  $14               
Family **                                                                              $45              


DISCOVERY SAFARI (2,5  HOURS)* taxes incluDED 
1 - 19 people (each) $28              
20 + people (each) $26              
Family **



* Available only for advanced bookings
** Family ticket is good for 2 adults and their children, it does not include the extended family


Book with us


To book, give us a call 819 723-2500 or send us an e-mail 










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