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Visite scolaire - Cueillette de fossiles

You see children

Un escargot marin de 460 millions d'années

Mud fillings of different colours shows sign of transport

Macrulites manitobensis
New Liskeard (Ontario) - Collection Société d'histoire du

Papillon dans la volière du Fossilarium

Cecropia moth looking at the onlooker at Fossilarium's aviary

Pre-book your next school trip with us, we're open April 15 to June 30 and exceptionally at others times. We will tailor our animation and education material for your student's age group. We can facilitate anyone:

  • Elementary
  • Secondary, and;
  • Post secondary




Museum Activities


Tour of our main exhibition: "See Life in the Stone Bed"

Length: 20 ~ 30 min

  • See over a thousand fossils, some of which you can touch
  • Have fun moulding fossils using play dough for the younger ones (pre-school/first cycle)
  • Watch videos showing how an animal fossilize and what they look like
  • Learn about the unique geology of our area that allows us to have fossils (secondary)
  • Play games of association and experimentation
  • Follow the little paleontologist path and see hidden fossils print using a spotlight (pre-school and primary 1st and 2nd cycle)
  • Look at fossils through a microscope linked to a TV screen
  • Shop at our gift shop for a souvenir, we have fossils, minerals and games


Science workshops

Length: 15 ~ 20 min

You'll learn more about various science topics other than fossils and insects. They are specially made for you and adapted to the grade of the children. We can do 1 or 2 depending on time and children age.


Tour our "Insects, an evolutionary success" exhibition

Length: 15 ~ 20 min

  • Learn to distinguish the main orders of insects
  • Observe our butterflies and moths collection from the meadows, forest, etc.
  • Live insects will fly and move before you
  • Try youth teeth on insects appetizers (optional)
  • Look at them through a magnifying glass
  • Spend some time doing puzzles, and colouring (pre-school)






Children Fossils Safaris


Length: 20 ~ 30 min;
depending on group size

Travel 2 km from the museum to the lake Timiskaming shore on a secure site. We recommend that you let the bus driver know and to be ready for this activity which is usually before the departure to bring the students on site.  Each participant will return with an fossil identified by a label and put together in a bag. We are available for this activity rain or shine, and proper attire is recommended. In case of cancellation due to weather condition, we will have a identified fossil to give them as a souvenir.


Fossil souvenirs


If you'd like a nice souvenir of your trip at the museum, we offer bagged fossils identified with a label at a minimum cost.








20~30 min




$5.00 / students 
+ $5.00 / chaperones

One chaperone and one driver
per 20 students may visit
the museum free of cost

1,50$ / students

  0,50$ / students

* All prices includes taxes, school may claim back the sales taxes



Labo insectes

A family examine a butterfly

 Un enfant prend son premier fossile

What do fossil make you think of?

Un corail tube

Children share their newly acquired practical knowledge

To visit more attractions in the area


For large group of students (>35) wishing to visit more sites in the area, we recommend to combine the visit of museum with one of the hydro electric dam Centrale de la Première Chute also located in Notre-Dame-du-Nord. Such large groups can be divided in two and as one visits the museum, the other visits the dam. For more ideas, visit the local tourism websites: Mémoire des chemin d'eau and Tourisme Témiscamingue



Day camps are welcomed


Day camps are welcomed from June 25 to August 20 with required pre-booking. We recommend dividing your group by age, we can help you define a good grouping of age. 



Book with us


To book, give us a call or send us an e-mail:

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